Daily Express man jailed for bar bite

Daily Express football journalist Robert Shepherd has lost his job and been jailed for 14 months after biting a man’s cheek in a drunken fight.

Shepherd, who also works for Sky Sports, pleaded not guilty to the offence, which dates back to June last year.

The 41-year-old father of two was in the Racas wine bar in Bromley when the incident happened. He became involved in a fracas with David McMenigall when he bit his face.

Shepherd’s barrister, Lesley Manley, said: “He now feels shame, guilt and remorse for what he has done and he has written a letter of abject regret to Mr McMenigall.”

Judge Kenneth McRae said: “It is always sad to see a person lose his good character, particularly when it is a person who has done well, built up a career, got a family and, to all intents and purposes, is a respectable member of society. I make no apology for describing biting as barbaric. Mr McMenigall had done nothing to you, but you were drunk -very drunk.”

A Daily Express spokesman confirmed that Shepherd’s contract had been terminated.

By Dominic Ponsford

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