Cross-party group of MPs calls for ban on Diana crash pic

MPs have called on newspapers to show their contempt of the publication of a picture of Diana Prince of Wales dying in a crashed car by banning any publication of it.

The all-party-move came today with the tabling of a Commons early day motion which is expected to be signed by other MPs.

The MPs behind the motion are Lindsay Hoyle (Lab, Chorley), David Crausby (Lab, Bolton North East), Mike Penning (Con, Hemel Hempstead) and Bob Russell (Lib Dem, Colchester).

The motion states: “That this House deplores the publication, in the Italian magazine Chi, of a photograph of Diana, Princess of Wales, dying in her crashed car; believes that such action showed a complete lack of respect for her family and friends in addition to highlighting the shameful actions of members of the Paparazzi on the night of Diana’s death; calls for the photograph to be banned in the UK; and urges publishers and media organisations to unite in condemning this action with no further publication of the photograph.”

Chi editor Umberto Brindani has defended his magazine's publication the picture.

He said: "I am more than a little surprised by the fuss being artfully created in Great Britain around the publication by Chi of a number of previously unpublished documents relating to the late Princess of Wales.

"I have to point to the irony that it is a number of British tabloids who seem to be upset, the very same tabloids that, both before and after the death of Diana, spared no efforts in attempting to discredit her using phone taps, recordings of private conversations, and reporting events of dubious taste, along with an avalanche of revelations about presumed lovers (the most recent, only a few days ago). Clearly, there are times when the search and respect for the truth gives way to professional envy or interests wholly unconcerned with the freedom of the press."

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