Condé Nast to publish eight regional editions of Glamour - Press Gazette

Condé Nast to publish eight regional editions of Glamour

Condé Nast will this week publish eight regional editions of its glossy monthly magazine Glamour.

The September issue of Glamour, which goes on sale on Thursday, will feature sixteen pages of editorial specifically tailored for readers in each area.

The magazine will publish specialist editions in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Newcastle and London.

Each edition will look at up-and-coming cultural talent from the region in addition to providing tailored shopping and leisure advice.

The one-off issue of the magazine has come about through a collaboration with shoe brand Converse, which has acted as sponsor.

Each edition of the magazine features singer Katy Perry on its cover wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the name of the region.

Glamour is the biggest women’s lifestyle glossy with monthly sales averaging 515,281 during the second half of last year, a fall of 5.9 per cent year-on-year.

Sales put the Condé Nast title just ahead of its nearest rival Cosmopolitan, which over the same period averaged sales of 430,353 each month.

Last week the National Magazine Company announced that it would launch a free spin-off version of Cosmopolitan in the autumn aimed at female university students.