Computer manufacturer Raspberry Pi launches new video game magazine with 10,000 free copies

Computer manufacturer Raspberry Pi launches new video game magazine with 10,000 free copies

Raspberry Pi

The computer manufacturer Raspberry Pi has launched a magazine dedicated to video games development and video gaming.

Wireframe magazine will cover all gaming platforms and focus on indie game production, releasing new issues every fortnight.

It plans to give away 10,000 free copies of its first edition to those who register on its website.

The Raspberry Pi foundation is a maker of small, affordable computers intended to lower the cost barrier to those who want to pick up computing skills.

It also owns a portfolio of publications – including The Magpi and Hackspace Magazine – under its subsidiary arm Raspberry Pi Press, which in turn is owned by the charity’s other subsidiary Raspberry Pi Trading.

In a statement on the launch of Wireframe, editor Ryan Lambie said: “Wireframe will take a more indie-focused, left-field angle than traditional gaming magazines.

“You’ll be as likely to see coverage of mods, early access games and development tools as you are major AAA titles.

“With Wireframe, we want to give readers an inside look into games, and shed some light on how they are made.

“So many people dream of being games developers, and they don’t realise how accessible that dream is. We want to show that the software and the technology is there for them to start making games now.”

Available in print at £3 an issue while remaining free online, any profits made from the magazine will be pumped back into the Raspberry Pi foundation.

Wireframe will be put together by a core editorial team supported by a host of freelance writers.

Raspberry Pi Trading chief executive Eben Upton said: “Magazine publishing can be a challenging environment. It demands innovation if it’s to have a future and doing things a little differently has certainly paid dividends with our other magazine titles to date.

“Wireframe is a vote of confidence in computer games journalism, strengthened by a fortnightly model that will enable us to be more responsive, and a free web version to suit a generation used to consuming free online content.

“We will be a publication unafraid of trying new things, and we won’t just be showcasing the big developers, but the innovative, indie makers as well. We’re focusing on unique aspects of gaming – the people behind the magic.”

Wireframe will cover gaming industry news, reviews, previews, in-depth features and opinion pieces by industry bigwigs.

Its first issue, which is set to go on sale 8 November 2018, will feature an interview with Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4 creative director Alex Hutchinson.



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