Collective bargaining 'more suited to the factory'


The Telegraph Group’s management and editors believe collective bargaining by the NUJ is “more suited to the factory”, writes Jean Morgan.

In a letter to staff on NUJ recognition at The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, managing editor Jeremy Deedes said the group takes the view that personal contracts have been a key factor in the company’s success. Management believes they further a “sense of professional self-esteem among staff”.

The company has nothing against the principle of collective bargaining “but it seems better suited to a factory environment, where the majority of staff work identical hours and perform very similar functions, than to the creative environment of a newspaper, which flourishes on a measure of individuality within a team ethos”.

Personal contracts allow the company to reward all staff as “their individual effort and commitment deserves”, Deedes wrote. If the NUJ were recognised, the company worries it would lose the ability to reward special performance, he said.

Jean Morgan

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