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Coleridge: 'no shifting Sands'

Sands: ‘very happy’ at Telegraph

Condé Nast managing director Nicholas Coleridge has denied suggestions he has been trying to woo The Daily Telegraph’s deputy editor Sarah Sands.

Coleridge claimed the speculation that Sands had been offered the editorship of Vogue, to allow editor Alexandra Shulman to concentrate on a new launch, was “100 per cent invented”. It did, however, prompt an entertaining exchange of e-mails.

Coleridge wrote: “Dear Sarah, so glad to read in The Observer that you will shortly be joining us as editor of Vogue. When do you arrive? Salary is £15,000 a year plus healthcare. What an interesting idea. We must discuss it some day, lots of love, Nick.”

Sands replied: “I know. I was so thrilled I will be buying a Barbara Amiel-style wardrobe to celebrate. I think it is a version of working smart that you no longer have to go through the dreary time-consuming process of being approached and accepting, etc.

Perhaps you would let me know one day via the media diaries, love Sarah.”

Cond̩ Nast has been looking at four possible ideas for launches Рnow narrowed down to three Рwhich will be tested over the next six months, but Coleridge insisted there were no plans to hire Sands.

“Sarah Sands is brilliant, a friend, and a great person to have working here, but I can tell you categorically that we have never discussed it even for one second,” he said.

“We have a room full of people perpetually thinking of ideas. We are six months away from coming to a decision – and I can absolutely assure you we are not looking at the men’s weekly market.” Among the possibilities is an upmarket rival to Good Housekeeping and a health and beauty title.

Sands added: “Alex, whom I know very well, is a brilliant editor. She is absolutely happy where she is and I’m very happy here.”