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CNN journalist Margaret Moth shot by sniper in 1992 dies aged 59

CNN photojournalist Margaret Moth, who returned to work despite being shot in the face by a sniper in Bosnia in 1992, died yesterday aged 59.
Moth featured in her own CNN documentary.
Here is CNN’s obituary video.
CNN vice president of international newsgathering Parisa Khosravi sent this internal note to staff today:

“For those of us lucky enough to have known and worked with Margaret, she was truly one of a kind.  She lived her life full-on without holding back.

“For nearly two decades, Margaret travelled the world for CNN and covered every warzone and major story.  Margaret was shot in the face by a sniper in Sarajevo in 1992, the doctors were able to save her life and we medivacd her to the States. 

“I remember being there when she arrived at the Mayo Clinic, her head was all bandaged up and she could not speak, but she was fully alert.  I gave her a pen and paper and she jokingly wrote: ‘I want to go back to Sarajevo to look for my teeth’.

“True to her word, she went back to Bosnia when the doctors cleared her a few months later, and continued to volunteer for the toughest assignments.

“She did not complain of the incredible physical pain and health challenges that she faced in all the years since the attack.  She loved life and had no regrets.

“We recently did a documentary on Margaret’s life, if you have not seen it, check it out on, you will be amazed and inspired.

“Margaret’s dear friend and colleague, actually more like a brother, Joe Duran was at her bedside when she passed away early this morning in Rochester.  Margaret’s ashes will be taken back to her home in Istanbul, this was her wish.

“Margaret did not fear death, she saw it as ‘the next adventure’.  Margaret loved animals and outside her hospice window this morning, a dear was prancing about, as if ready to take her beautiful spirit on her new adventure.”



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