CMS providers briefing: Escenic

Developed in Scandinavia, Escenic has since spread out around the world.

It claims that its technology ‘supports our vision for continuous publishing, allowing for content to be sourced from various sources, to be edited and published to a number of formats.

The idea is that a story should be published quickly and allowed to evolve over time with added information collated as and when appropriate.”

Escenic says: ‘Going forward, content will increasingly be graphic, visual and interactive. Together with Vizrt [software partner] we are able to bring broadcast-quality expression to online content.”

Escenic Content Studio is the part of the software which is used to publish online. The company says this is a system which ‘supports the workflow of the digital age”.

It says: ‘In a traditional publishing workflow, content is written, edited and published. This is not the case for online publishing. Content is acquired and collected in the same way as in a traditional workflow, but after being published, it is refined, based on input and reactions from users.

‘This is then fed back into the workflow, the content is updated, refined and published again. This cycle includes input from citizen journalism, reader tips and so on.”

WHO USES IT? Customers include News of the World, The Sun, The Times, the Independent titles.


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