Circulation woe for national titles in November

A fairly woeful set of national newspaper ABC figures for November showed only three national newspapers selling more last month than they did a year ago.

The worst performer was the Evening Standard – still suffering badly from the launch of rival free afternoon newspapers in London, thelondonpaper and London Lite. Its sale was down 21.37 per cent year-on-year to 272,448.

The only papers to achieve year-on-year growth were the Financial Times (up 0.27 per cent), the Mail on Sunday (up 2.19 per cent ) and The Observer (up 2.56 per cent).

In the London free newspaper war, News International's thelondonpaper gave away more copies in November – 425,508 a day on average, compared with London Lite on 395,048.

Full national newspaper sales round up for November :

Daily Mirror: 1,549,573 – down 7.32 per cent

Daily Record: 408,293, down 7.74 per cent

Daily Star: 769,226, down 3.28 per cent

The Sun: 3,072,828, down 3.76 per cent

Daily Express: 774,665, down 2.75 per cent

Daily Mail: 2,295101, down 1.98 per cent

Daily Telegraph: 901,238, down 0.24 per cent

Financial Times: 432,980, up 0.27 per cent

The Herald: 71,585, down 6.01 per cent

The Guardian: 382,393, down 4.65 per cent

The Independent: 253,737, down 3.69 per cent

The Scotsman: 59,115, down 9.6 per cent

The Times: 653,780, down 5.43 per cent

Racing Post: 71,012, down 4.77 per cent

Evening Standard: 272,448, down 21.37 per cent

Daily Star Sunday: 364,545, down 7.88 per cent

News of the World: 3,415,372, down 8.51 per cent

Sunday Mail: 503,825, down 6.52 per cent

Sunday Mirror: 1,333,255, down 6.2 per cent

The People: 764,409, down 12.18 per cent

Sunday Sport: 105,006, down 28.68 per cent

Sunday Express: 758,443, down 12.95 per cent

The Mail on Sunday: 2,388,885, up 2.19 per cent

Independent on Sunday: 212,892, down 5.65 per cent

The Observer: 448,076, up 2.56 per cent

Scotland on Sunday: 72,516, down 13.1 per cent

Sunday Herald: 57,678, down 6.14 per cent

Sunday Telegraph: 656,392, down 8.2 per cent

Sunday Times: 1,288,584, down 7.63 per cent

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