Circulation not so slow

Thank you for your coverage of the innovative changes made to the
Hull Daily Mail and East Riding Mail ( Press Gazette , 25 February). I
would just like to clarify a significant point about our circulation

In common with all other regional dailies, our sales
have declined over time. However, the figures in the article do not
show the full story.

Between June 2000 and June 2004 our actively
purchased sale declined by 6,668 from 76,596 to 69,928 copies, an
average of just over 2 per cent per year – among the best performances
in the industry for large daily titles.

The figures that you
published in your article were for ABC sales and showed a bigger
decline. The difference is due to a significant reduction in bulk
sales, taking our actively purchased copies up to almost 98 per cent of
the ABC figure.

John Meehan Editor Hull Daily Mail and East Riding Mail

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