Cherry Ward: veteran Paris-based freelance journalist

Paris-based freelance journalist Cherry Ward has died after a short illness.

She was 66.

A popular figure in the industry, Ward was the London Evening News correspondent in France for many years and subsequently worked as Paris stringer for most Fleet Street newspapers, including the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror.

Before moving to France in the Fifties, she was a reporter on the Sunday Express.

Ward came from a family of journalists.

Her father, John Ward, was a well-known Fleet Street crime reporter, while her mother, Jackie, was a Mirror reporter before becoming a film publicist.

Her brother, Christopher, worked on the Mirror for 18 years before editing the Daily Express and co-founding Redwood Publishing, where he is currently vice-chairman.

She was married for more than 30 years to French cardiologist, Dr Pierre Carcone, who would often be called on to treat visiting British journalists exhibiting the usual occupational stress symptoms.

After leaving Carcone’s surgery advised to lead healthier lifestyles, they would pop next door to Ward and Carcone’s home where she would dispense large whiskies. They left feeling much better.

Ward is survived by Carcone and her three children, Mini, Anthony and Jonathan, and her two grandchildren, Clement and Marlow.

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