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Charlotte Church wins correction over London Lite report

A complaint against the London Lite by Charlotte Church’s representative over an inaccurate article has been resolved after the paper printed a correction.

The Associated paper reported that Church had “kicked her fiancé Gavin Henson out of their home” and that Henson was forced to move in with his mother.

Church’s representative, Mark Melton, complained to the PCC that the story was inaccurate, in breach of Clause 1 of the PCC code.

The paper has published a statement saying: “On 10 July we reported that Charlotte Church had thrown Gavin Henson out of their home. This was based on information provided by a source.

“Representatives of Ms Church and Mr Henson have assured us that the alleged incident never occurred.

“Moreover, Ms Church did not ‘move a close pal in’ and Mr Henson did not move back in to his mother’s home. We are happy to clarify the matter.”

This is the third time this year that the Welsh singer has gone to the PCC over newspaper coverage.

In September, the Daily Star apologised for invading the singer’s privacy and that of her rugby star partner Gavin Henson after the couple complained to the PCC.

The paper had published photographs in April that were taken without the pair’s knowledge – including one snap that was taken on private land..

And in May, The Sun was found to have “avoided its responsibilities” by reporting Church’s pregnancy as rumour and not fact.

The PCC ruled that the article broke the editors’ code of conduct – as the commission had made it clear that the media should not report pregnancies before the woman has had a 12-week scan, or without her consent.