Charlize Theron could play Marie Colvin in new biopic

Oscar-winning Charlize Theron could play war correspondent Marie Colvin in an upcoming film about her life, according to a report in her former newspaper The Sunday Times.

The paper said yesterday that Theron will helps raise money for the biopic and 'if she likes the script, which is being written, she would be interested in playing the part".

If it gets the go-ahead then the script for the movie would be based on a 14-page article that appeared in Vanity Fair this year called 'Marie Colvin's Private War", which was written by journalist Marie Brenner.

The Sunday Times reported: 'Brenner's Colvin article included interviews with senior staff at The Sunday Times, but film-makers said the executives might be ‘merged' to simplify the story.

'It dealt with Colvin's 25-year career at The Sunday Times exposing the horrors of war from Kosovo to Sri Lanka, where she lost an eye, as well as her private struggles with alcohol, psychological trauma and relationships.'

An associate of the actress told the paper the film would be 'serious and tough-minded and will reveal the price Marie Colvin paid both throughout her life and in the manner of her death to become the greatest war reporter of her generation".

Colvin, 56, was killed on February 22 when the building that served as a makeshift media centre in the city of Homs was struck by a Syrian army mortar.

Over her distinguished career, Colvin, originally from Oyster Bay, New York, reported on conflicts around the world, including in Kosovo, Chechnya and Sierra Leone.

She wore a distinctive black eyepatch after losing an eye when she was wounded by shrapnel while covering Sri Lanka's civil war in 2001.

Her reporting before her death focused on countries caught up in the uprisings of the Arab Spring, among them Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

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