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Central News building to be named after Terry Lloyd

new home of Central News in the East Midlands has been named Terry
Lloyd House, in honour of the ITN journalist killed in Iraq in 2003.

Lloyd began his career in the region as a reporter for the Raymonds
news agency and Central News before joining ITN.

He covered some of the most significant world news stories of the past two decades, and was a highly experienced war reporter.

covered the Lebanese Government’s collapse in Beirut in February 1984.
He was the first reporter to get inside the Iraqi town of Halabje after
Saddam Hussein had dropped chemical weapons on its Kurdish inhabitants.

reported on the conflict in the former Yugoslavia, sending back
exclusive reports on the discovery of mass graves, thought to be the
bodies of Croat hospital patients murdered by Serbs.

He was also the first television correspondent to get inside Kosovo.

wife Lynn says she and her children are delighted that the building is
being named after him. “Terry started his career with ITV in the East
Midlands and it is fantastic to think that people will continue to
remember him,” she said.

Terry Lloyd House will be home to 45
Central News staff including the editor, news editor, sub-editors,
reporters, video journalists, camera crews, video editors, technical
operators, production and IT support.

The move to the new
location, which is in a business park outside Nottingham, was opposed
by some Central journalists, who had gathered support from local
viewers and MPs.

Those against the move claimed that producing
the news outside Nottingham and presenting it from Birmingham would
compromise journalistic standards and diminish the credibility of the

The building will be named on Thursday 20 January at a ceremony with Central News East presenter Marie Ashby.