Caspian stocks up on staff to work on three new titles

Caspian Publishing is recruiting editors and journalists to work on three launches next year.

The move coincides with news this week that Adam Leyland is to take over as editor of Real Business, replacing Caspian co-founder Matthew Rock who is stepping down after ?ve years to spearhead the launches.

Rock said the company was in the process of recruiting an editor and journalists for the ?rst launch, scheduled for March. “We are looking for an editorial team of three or four. We have got two launches planned for next year and if we can ?nd the right idea and the market is right, we’ll launch a third,” he told Press Gazette.

All three will be monthly B2B titles related to business and distributed via controlled circulation and subscription. A second title is due out in October.

“They are going to have a ?nancial bent, but they are not particularly ?nance-led – they are business titles,” Rock added.

“One of the launches will be quite niche and they will all be in areas where we think the sector is currently underserved. We will be going for market leadership. I can’t say that for all three because we are still evolving the plans for the third – but we like to think that our magazines will always be ?rst in the market.”

Leyland has been brought in to revamp Real Business and give it more of an opinionated edge. New columnists such as Mark Prisk MP and Spectator writer Ross Clark have been introduced along with a new fourpage section providing in-depth reports on the latest deals. “Doing Deals”, a section for entrepreneurs, will feature analysis and detailed information on recent ?otations and trade sales.

Another new section, “Show us your in-box”, will invite well-known entrepreneurs to talk about how they deal with excessive e-mails.

There will also be a slight change in tone with the title becoming more of a “mouthpiece” for entrepreneurs. “For a manager, e-mail is a phenomenon, it has changed the face of business,” Leyland said.

“There is also a feeling the magazine needs to be more opinionated and really stand up for business people. There is no real voice for smaller business people,” he added.

Before joining Real Business, Leyland was freelancing for titles such as Marketing and Campaign. Prior to that he was editor of Print Week and, for four months, Press Gazette, before leaving for New York to launch the US version of PR Week.


By Ruth Addicott

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