Carr quits Review to focus on e-mail titles

London News Review co-founder Paul Carr has left the publication just a month after its launch to concentrate on the title’s e-mail publications.

The political newspaper was originally intended to be a print version of thefridaything.co.uk, which has been running for three years, but the possibility of new investors may result in a change of editorial direction and a relaunch is now on the agenda.

Staff at the online and print versions will continue to work on each others’ products for the moment, but they will be run as separate companies and take separate subscriptions.

Carr, who becomes editor-in-chief of thefridaything and online political newsletter londonbylondon.co.uk, said he left on amicable terms, but wanted to consider the loyal readership of the long-established website.

“If the investors do come on board, the London News Review is likely to change. I do not want the website to lose its independent voice and satirical stance on political events and so will pursue them separately.”

London News Review news editor Alan Connor explained some of the changes that were being considered: “The intention had always been to grow. The magazine will have more pages and will increase in price.

“Our scope will be broader but we will have more pages to accommodate the same amount of political writing.

There will be more sections, including sport, book reviews and a city section.

Even though we are adding these sections, the magazine will have the same voice,” he added.

By Sarah Lagan

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