Carr gives Now unexpected exposure

Carr: carrying her copy of Now

Celebrity magazine Now received some unexpected publicity over the weekend when Soham killer Ian Huntley’s ex-partner, Maxine Carr, was photographed with a copy of Now Celebrity Hair magazine.

Carr was pictured sitting in the sun with a copy of the Now spin off on her lap, appearing to look for ideas on how to change her appearance.

The picture desk on News of the World was desperate to get hold of a copy of the magazine on Saturday and apparently gave staff on Now all sorts of “mad excuses” in a bid to keep the story secret. “They said they wanted it for a picture of Julia Roberts’ nice new haircut,” said one staffer.

Now editor, Jane Ennis, said through gritted teeth: “Talk about publicity you don’t want. You try so hard to get your magazine cover used by a national newspaper and then when you do it’s bloody Maxine Carr. It was not quite the marketing strategy we had in mind. But a sale is a sale, I suppose, even if it’s Maxine Carr. I was thinking of sending Rose West our Diet and Fitness special,” she quipped.

Now also clinched the first exclusive magazine interview with David Beckham’s former PA, Rebecca Loos.

Paula Jones, Now assistant editor (features) flew to Malaga and did the interview about the alleged fling on Sunday.

Ennis said the piece was turned around rapidly to make the Monday afternoon deadline.

By Ruth Aldicott

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