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Carole Malone leaves Sunday Mirror for NoW

Sunday Mirror columnist Carole Malone has jumped shipped after ten years at the title to join the News of the World.
As well as writing a column she expected to also contribute in-depth feature articles.

Colin Myler knows Malone well after previously being her editor at the Sunday Mirror.

Meanwhile, former weather forecaster Ulrika Jonsson has been ditched from her weekly column at the News of the World after four years. According to a source close to Jonsson, she is in talks about continuing to write for the NoW but is now also free to write for other publications.

He said: ‘Carole Malone is unquestionably one of Britain’s outstanding columnists. She is controversial, irreverent, fearless, funny and devastatingly un-pc. She pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.”

The addition of Malone means that former weather forecaster Ulrika Johnson loses her weekly column at four years at the NoW. Johnson is understood to be in talks to continue contributing to the News of the World – but will no longer work for the paper on an exclusive basis.

Malone said: ‘I’m delighted to be joining Britain’s biggest Sunday newspaper. I’m especially delighted to be working with Colin Myler again who despite having previously employed me as a columnist is, thankfully, prepared to do it again.”

Malone has previously been a columnist on the Sunday Express and the Daily Star.


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  1. A message for Carol Malone from a 65 year old geordie who served 40 years in the military for thus country. Carol Malone needs educating in maths. She keeps spouting 52% of UK voted leave. SORRY 47 million voters only 17 million voted leave that’s about 36%. DEMOCRACY I don’t think so. Don’t want rubbish about tough that 13 million didn’t vote. D Martell MBE

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