Canterbury tale

Times Newspaper group editor Melody Ryall was granted rare permission
from an Oscar-winning Hollywood film editor to use her exclusive family
pictures for her book about Canterbury.

Thelma Schoonmaker, who
won an Academy Award for editing the classic boxing film, Raging Bull,
starring Robert DeNiro, contacted Ryall from Hollywood after she
requested to use them and said: “Of course! Take what pictures you

The Archant London editor said: “Just outside the city is
a village called Bekesbourne where Thelma’s late husband, the late,
great film director, Michael Powell, was born and grew up.

one can really mention Canterbury now without talking about Michael who
directed such mid-20th century classics as The Canterbury Tale, The Red
Shoes, Black Narcissus, The Life and Times of Colonel Blimp, and, of
course, the controversial picture – Peeping Tom, starring Anna Massey.

“It’s great to be in contact with a film editor of Thelma’s stature.”

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