Can you out-pun The Sun?


Sun readers are being asked to give the paper a pun for its money, in the latest MY Sun competition ‘Can you out-pun The Sun?’

Notorious for punning headline quips – including “It’s Paddy Pantsdown” and “Super Caley go ballistic Celtic are atrocious” – The Sun has decided to challenge its readers to come up with their own for a selected story each week.

Last week’s winning submission was the tuneful “I got grills, they’re multi-frying” to accompany news of a barbecue summer forecast for the UK, which was published under the headline “Cue for a barbie”.

This week’s headline to beat is “Cops become ‘robbers’ shock”, for a story about policemen raising burglary awareness by going into unlocked homes and putting all the valuables in a bag marked SWAG.

The submissions deadline is midday on Friday. The five best headlines are to be announced next Wednesday.

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