Cabinet Office report suggests journalists are happier than scaffolders but less satisfied than PRs

Journalists it seems are happier than scaffolders and psychologists but considerably less satisfied in their jobs than priests and farmers.

Mark Easton of the BBC has done an in-depth report on new Cabinet Office research looking at levels of job satisfaction among UK workers.

It finds journalists ranked 111 out of 274 professions with an average income of £35,117 and a satisfaction rating of 7.402.

Public relations professionals are slightly happier, with a satisfaction rating of 7.426 – but a mean salary of £31,818 (ranking them 98).

Are PRs really paid less than journalists? I wonder if all those BBC managers are pushing the average up?

Based purely on my subjective experience, it does not surprise me to read that photographers are ranked 217 (dons tin hat).

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