C4 to screen Dr Kelly documentary

The death of weapons inspector and BBC source Dr David Kelly has worked its way into the autumn schedules at Channel 4 in a forthcoming documentary by former Panorama reporter Tom Mangold.

The as-yet-unnamed special report by the veteran former BBC journalist and friend of Kelly will examine the events that led to his apparent suicide.

The schedule will also dedicate a season to taking a wider look at the state of the Labour Government.

Inside the Mind of Tony Blair will investigate “the mindset and motivation” of the Prime Minister, and broadcast journalist and author Michael Crick will present Michael Crick on Labour, assessing the consequences of New Labour having challenged its traditional roots.

In a season called Adult at 14, Channel 4 will delve into the lives of teenagers in an increasingly sexualised world, examining whether the age of consent should be lowered along the way.

Journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer will present Age of Consent, a documentary exploring the changing sexual climate in Britain, and will propose that it be lower than 16 years.

Porn to be Young reveals young people’s attitudes to pornography, while in 14 Alone, a group of 10 14year-old boys and girls spend ?ve days and nights together in a house to fend for themselves without the teenage creature comforts – television, video games and CD players.

My Turkish Waiter features Rachael Lloyd, the teenager who ran away with a waiter she met on holiday.

By Wale Azeez

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