C4 says FO edited Beckett's critical comments of US in website transcript

Channel 4 has accused the Foreign Office of editing a transcript of an interview between Margaret Beckett and Jon Snow during which the Foreign Secretary's voiced her displeasure at the United States.

In the interview, broadcast on Channel 4 last night Snow asked Beckett for her response to revelations that cargo planes filled with laser-guided bombs landed at Prestwick airport, near Glasgow, on route from America to Israel.

According to Channel 4 Beckett said in the original interview: "We will be making a formal protest."

"I have already notified the United States that we are not happy about it"

According to Channel 4 the government believes Prestwick was not given proper advance warning of the planes cargo, that it was effectively "bounced" into letting it land without the normal permissions being requested.

During the interview on Channel 4 News, the Foreign Secretary vented her unhappiness and pointed the finger at the United States.

Yet in the version of the transcript published on the Home Office website the interview had been altered with the offending quotes removed.


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