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C4 News chiefs promote Gibbon to political editor

By Caitlin Pike

Gary Gibbon is to succeed Elinor Goodman as political editor of
Channel 4 News when she leaves the programme this summer after 23 years.

Gibbon, Channel 4 News’s political correspondent since 1995, has
covered the full range of domestic British political and European
issues. He has reported extensively on the peace process in Northern
Ireland and made special reports on the intelligence and legal
background to the Iraq war.

Channel 4 claims it was Gibbon’s
interview with Peter Mandelson in 2001 that triggered the MP’s second
resignation from the Cabinet.

Jim Gray, editor of Channel 4 News
said: “This is an appointment which is so right, and I just know that
Gary will make an outstanding political editor.

He’s a razor
sharp political journalist whose judgement and insights are utterly
sure-footed, as demonstrated in his masterful handling of some of the
most charged political stories of recent times – for example, our
scoops on the Attorney-General’s advice on Iraq, the Hutton and Butler

Gray said viewers and programme staff alike relished Gibbon’s “delicious streak of mischief”.

added: “Without doubt, Elinor Goodman casts a long shadow – but I’m
very much looking forward to Gary leading the programme’s political
team, and stamping his own character on Channel 4’s political coverage.”

is leaving the programme so that she can vary her work. “I’ve decided
to go early because I want now to do other things both inside and
outside of journalism,” she said. “After many years of being never more
than a minute ahead of deadline, I think it’s time to take up slightly
less frenetic and pressured pursuits. I leave with very fond memories
of the terrific colleagues with whom I’ve worked.”

Gray added:
“There’s been no one more at the heart of Channel 4 News over so many
years, no one who’s given so much to the programme’s impact and
achievements, and no one who more deservedly has earned a break from
our demanding life. It’s hard to overstate how important Elinor has