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C4 journalist talks of Kenya ordeal

The British journalist who was arrested in Kenya as he investigated US rendition programmes across Africa, has spoken of his two-day interrogation.

Dan Edge was arrested by Kenyan anti-terrorism police in Nairobi last April while filming the programme for Channel 4’s Dispatches, in which he journeys across three continents to expose how the US CIA rendition programmes put in place since 9/11 were being outsourced to African countries.

The 30-year-old was arrested alongside his Kenya producer Susan Safarico and detained separately, with Edge in a cell with 19 other prisoners.

Edge said: ‘I was interrogated for a long time by the anti-terrorism police. I was asked what my Mosque was? Now, I’m not Muslim. I was asked who my Sheikh was? But I think that after an hour or two of this they pretty much accepted that I was who I said I was.

‘Part of our film is about how people, who are arrested on spurious grounds, get sucked into the system and take a long time to reappear or never reappear. So I was very aware that I might be in there a long time.”

The programme, which is broadcast next Monday, includes testimony from Egyptian Abu Omar, who claims to have been tortured for over a year by Egyptian state security.



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