Business Journalist Awards shortlists

The shortlists have been announced for the 2004 Business Journalist of the Year Awards.

First presented in 1999 by the World Leadership Forum, the awards recognise the growing importance of business journalism.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Guildhall, London on 11 March.

Accenture Decade of Excellence Award: Bill Emmott, The Economist; Anatole Kaletsky, The Times; Fred Kempe, The Wall Street Journal Europe; Hamish McRae, The Independent; Jeff Randall, BBC.

Standard Chartered Award for the Best Banking Submission: Katherine Griffiths, The Independent; Robert Lefroy, Business Money; Richard Morais, Forbes Global; James Moore, The Daily Telegraph; Jason Nissé, The Independent on Sunday.

World Leadership Forum for the Best Broadcast Submission: Declan Curry, BBC; Liam Halligan, Channel 4 News; Rob Pittam and Jennie Culshaw, BBC; Sandra Kanthal and Peter Day, Radio 4; Jeff Randall and Martin Small, BBC.

Institute of Financial Services for the Best Corporate Finance Submission: John Carreyrou, The Wall Street Journal Europe; Charles Pretzlik, Andrew Parker and Francesco Guerrera, Financial Times; Elizabeth Rigby, Robert Clow and Charles Pretzlik, Financial Times; Richard Waters and John Gapper, Financial Times; Richard Waters, Financial Times.

World Leadership Forum for the Best Energy Submission: Natalie Antelava, Forbes Global; Chrystia Freeland, Financial Times Magazine; Richard Heller, Forbes Global; Paul Klebnikov, Forbes Global; Peter Koenig, The Sunday Times.

LCCI Award for Best Entertainment and Leisure Submission: Liam Halligan, The Sunday Telegraph; Mark Halper, Time; Betsy Morris, Fortune; Nina Munk, Vanity Fair; Andrew Porter, The Sunday Times.

Eli Lilly Award for Best Health Submission: Catherine Arnst, Business Week; John Helyar, Fortune; Karen Lowry Miller, Newsweek; Silvia Sansoni, Forbes Global; Richard Tomkins, Financial Times.

The Marsh Award for Best Insurance Submission: Ben McLannahan, CFO Europe; Nicholas Stein, Fortune; Fritha Sutherland, PAISA Magazine; Richard Tomlinson, Fortune; Ed Welles, Fortune Small Business.

BAT Award for Best Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Submission: Robert Berner, Business Week; Jack Ewing, Business Week; Tony McAuley, CFO Europe; Susie Mesure, The Independent; Nicholas Stein, Fortune.

CBI Award for Best Manufacturing Submission: Christopher Hope, The Daily Telegraph; Richard Morais, Forbes Global; Deborah Orr, Forbes Global; Dan Roberts and James Kynge, Financial Times; Richard Tomkins, Financial Times.

Standard Life Award for Best Personal Finance Submission: James Daley, The Sunday Telegraph; Gary Duncan, The Times; Paul Farrow, The Sunday Telegraph; Liam Halligan, The Sunday Telegraph; Jeff Prestridge, Financial Mail on Sunday.

Samsung Award for Best Information Technology Submission: Rob Cox and Jean Paul Rathbone, Esquire; Tony Glover, The Business; Robyn Meredith, Forbes Global; Chris Nuttall, Financial Times; Richard Waters, Financial Times.

World Leadership Forum Award for Best Retail Submission: Ben Laurance and Michael Gillard, Financial Mail on Sunday; Devin Leonard, Fortune; Paul Markille, The Economist; Kate Rankine, The Daily Telegraph; Jerry Useem, Fortune.

BCC Award for Best Service Industry Submission: Andrea Felsted, Financial Times; Jeremy Hunt, Sunday Express; Ian King, The Sun; Oliver Morgan, The Observer; Alistair Osborne, The Daily Telegraph.

O2 Award for the Best Telecommunications Submission: Kevin Delaney, David Pringle and Carlta Vitxthum, The Wall Street Journal Europe; Paul Durman, The Sunday Times; Mark Gimein, Fortune; Richard Reinhardt, Business Week; Peter Thal Larsen, Financial Times

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