Business doubles figures thanks to MoS distribution

The Business nearly doubled its ABC figure in September thanks to its free distribution deal with The Mail on Sunday.

In August, sales of The Business were 112,960. Last month they soared to 207,423 – a rise of 84 per cent.

There was a bit of a comeback in the daily quality market, with all titles apart from The Scotsman showing month-on-month rises.

Best performers were the Financial Times, up 4.6 per cent on August, and The Guardian, up 3.9 per cent. The Guardian traditionally puts on sales when the colleges and schools reopen after the summer break.

However, the daily quality sector is still the worst-performing, according to the year-on-year figures. These show a drop of just over 6 per cent.

There was little cheer for the daily redtops. Apart from a very small rise in sales for the Daily Record, all the other titles were down.

The Sunday popular market, once the worst-performing sector, is up year-on-year thanks to the arrival of Daily Star Sunday which has maintained its sale above 500,000 for the past three months.

The Daily Express, Daily Mail and Evening Standard all show month-onmonth rises. The Sunday Express last month slipped below the one million mark and The Mail on Sunday, also showed a small drop on August.

The Observer and The Sunday Times were both up on August. The Sunday Times, which has introduced a monthly CD-Rom section, increased its sale by 6.4 per cent. The Observer was up by just over 8 per cent. Last month the paper launched its Observer Music Monthly supplement.


By Jon Slattery

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