Bush given the GQ treatment

GQ is hoping to ruffle some feathers in the White House by transforming President George W Bush into a Francophile in its latest digital makeover, writes Ruth Addicott.

Headlined “Shock and Aw!”, the Bush makeover appears in the September issue out next week. It features four separate looks, dubbed “Francophile”, “Peacemaker”, “Urbane” and “Holiday” George.

Francophile Bush is advised to “get back in” with Chirac by investing in the best menswear Paris has to offer – a green velvet jacket by YSL.

Editor Dylan Jones said: “We’ve exhausted the British political scene and thought it would be good to spread our wings a bit. He looks rather spivvy. He’s never looked better.”

Jones said there was no attempt made to contact the White House. “We figured he might be too busy seeing as he’s finally discovered there are other countries in the world and seems to be doing a bit of travelling.” GQ’s next target is believed to be Prince William.

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