Burda suspends Living & Gardens magazine

Burda has suspended Living & Gardens magazine, just four months since the German company launched the title in Britain.

publisher said that it was reviewing the title's performance and
reverting to a bimonthly frequency for the August September issue. Burda acquired Essential Publishing last April, which owned a
number of competing titles like Your Home, Homestyle and Period House.

Managind director Luke
Patten said: "Burda launched the magazine before they bought
Essential Publishing. Essential have a lot of similar homes titles.
We're just reviewing the portfolio as a whole; the thinking behind it
is that the existing portfolio Burda bought is stronger and more
established in the UK than pursuing Living & Gardens.

already own a title called Period House and its incredibly close; the
homes market is very competitive. Living & Gardens is possibly a
little too close to the other titles, something Burda wouldn't have
known until after the acquisition."

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