Bucks Herald first on the scene

The weekly
Bucks Herald was first on the scene of a dramatic police raid last week
on a house connected to the London bombings and was able to produce a
12-page supplement for its current issue the following day.

Damien Lucas was driving through Aylesbury on Wednesday evening when he
came across a fleet of police cars, riot vans and armoured trucks from
the anti-terrorism unit.

Hours before any other media were on the
scene, the Herald dispatched a photographer and Lucas gathered
immediate reaction. It later emerged the house was the home of the
fourth London bomber, Germaine Lindsay.

Herald staff worked on
the supplement the next day, producing 12 pages of reaction, reports
and photographs. Printed in the early hours of Friday, it was wrapped
around the remaining copies of the Herald that were still on sale.

Editor David Summers said: “It was an incredible effort by everyone involved.”

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