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British Press Awards 2008: the shortlist

The finalists for the 2008 British Press Awards are announced today. The shortlisted entrants were decided by 100 judges drawn from all the national newspapers, the regional press and independent figures from the world of journalism.

Leading the nominations at this stage is The Guardian with 14.

In the battle of the red-tops, The Sun leads the Daily Mirror by nine nominations to six.

The winners will be announced at the awards dinner on 8 April at the Grosvenor House in London, presented by Jon Snow. For table booking details go to

Finalists in the premier awards of newspaper of the year, journalist of the year and international journalist of the year are to be announced next week.

There are six finalists in each category except where a tie has created seven. In the reporter of the year category there are eight nominees because of a two-way tie.

Reporter of the year
Tom Newton Dunn – The Sun
Dennis Rice – Mail on Sunday
Andrew Gilligan – Evening Standard
Gillian Tett – Financial Times
Stephen Wright – Daily Mail
David Leppard – Sunday Times
John Kay – The Sun
Lori Campbell – Sunday Mirror

Young journalist of the year
Kate Mansey – Sunday Mirror
Helen Pidd – The Guardian
Claire Newell – Sunday Times
Natasha Pearlman – Daily Mail
Stewart Maclean – Daily Mirror
Patrick Foster – The Times
Jerome Taylor – The Independent

Feature writer of the year
Amelia Hill – The Observer
Andrew Malone – freelance (Daily Mail)
AA Gill – Sunday Times
Sarah Ebner – freelance (The Times, Daily Telegraph, Jewish Chronicle)
David Smith – Sunday Times
Ariel Leve – freelance (Sunday Times)

Foreign reporter of the year 
Christina Lamb – Sunday Times
Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – The Guardian
Marie Colvin – Sunday Times
Kim Sengupta – The Independent
Deborah Haynes – The Times
Dan McDougall – The Observer

Political journalist of the year
Daniel Finkelstein – The Times
Philip Stevens – Financial Times
Matthew D’Ancona – Sunday Telegraph
Quentin Letts – Daily Mail
Jonathan Oliver – Mail on Sunday
Peter Oborne – Daily Mail

Showbusiness reporter of the year 
Fiona Cummins – Daily Mirror
Emma Donnan – The People
Vanessa Thorpe – The Observer
Sara Nathan – The Sun
Katie Nicholl – The Mail on Sunday
Sean Hamilton – The Sunday Mirror.

Critic of the year
Ally Ross – The Sun
Brian Sewell – Evening Standard
Anthony Quinn – The Independent
Charles Spencer – Daily Telegraph
Matthew Norman – The Guardian
AA Gill – Sunday Times

Business and finance journalist of the year
Gillian Tett – Financial Times
Simon Fluendy – Mail on Sunday
Jeff Randall – Daily Telegraph
Alex Brummer – Daily Mail
Jeremy Warner – The Independent
Chris Blackhurst – Evening Standard 

Interviewer of the year
Nigel Farndale – Sunday Telegraph
Cole Moreton – Independent on Sunday
Chrissy Iley – freelance (Observer Magazine, Sunday Times magazine)
Deborah Ross – The Independent
Simon Hattenstone – The Guardian
Ginny Dougary – The Times

Columnist of the year
Matthew Norman – The Independent
Lucy Kellaway – Financial Times
Janice Turner – The Times
Craig Brown – Daily Telegraph
Johann Hari – The Independent
Polly Toynbee – The Guardian
Rod Liddle – Sunday Times

Cartoonist of the year
Chris Riddell – The Observer
Peter Brookes – The Times
David Brown – The Independent
Matt Pritchett – Daily and Sunday Telegraph
Ingram Pinn – Financial Times
Stan McMurtry – Daily Mail

Digital journalist of the year
Sean Smith – The Guardian
Toby Harnden – Daily Telegraph
Daniel Finkelstein – The Times
Declan Walsh – The Guardian
Clancy Chassay – The Guardian
Chrystia Freeland – Financial Times

Sports journalist of the year
James Lawton – The Independent
Martin Samuel – The Times
David Conn – The Guardian
Donald McRae – The Guardian
Paul Kimmage – The Sunday Times.
Henry Winter – Daily Telegraph 

Photographer of the year
Andrew Parsons – Press Association
Jeremy Selwyn – Evening Standard
Richard Pohle – The Times
Peter Nicholls – The Times
Dylan Martinez – Reuters
Martin Rickett – Press Association

Sports photographer
Andy Hooper, Daily Mail
Marc Aspland, The Times
Bradley Ormesher, Daily Mirror
David Ashdown, The Independent
Dylan Martinez, Reuters
John Giles, Press Association.

Scoop of the year 
Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun, for “Friendly Fire Kills Matty Hull”
Stephen Moyes, Daily Mirror, for “Amy’s Man is Cuffed and off to the Cells”
Jonathan Oliver, Mail on Sunday, for “Labour’s Third Largest Donor/Labour’s Second Largest Donor is Foreign”
Ian Gallagher, Mail on Sunday, for “Richard and Judy Quiz Scam”
Stewart Maclean, Daily Mirror for Canoe’s This in Panama
David Leigh and Rob Evans, The Guardian, for “BAE accused of secretly paying £1bn to Saudi Prince”
Holly Watt and Robert Winnett, Sunday Times, for “MP Hires Son on Expenses”

The Cudlipp Award
The Sun – Football ticket prices campaign
Daily Record – Robert Mone murders
David Leigh, Splash News (Daily Mail, Daily Mirror) – Canoe Man Mystery
The Independent – Illegal bank charges scandal
The Sun – Help For Heroes campaign
Daily Mirror – Gurkha war heroes
The Sun – Friendly fire cover-up

Website of the year 
Daily Telegraph
Sun Online
Daily Mail
Daily Mirror
Times Online

Supplement of the year 
You – Mail on Sunday
Weekend – The Guardian
The New Review – Independent on Sunday
Sunday Times Magazine
Live – Mail on Sunday
Culture – Sunday Times

Campaign of the year
Care for war veterans – The Observer (Ned Temko and Mark Townsend)
Ben Parkinson campaign – Daily Mail (Matthew Hickley)
Help For Heroes – The Sun (Tom Newton Dunn)
BAE scandal – The Guardian (David Leigh and Rob Evans)
Nimrod – Sunday Times (Michael Smith)
Unfair bank charges – The Independent (home news team) 

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