Bring back Parliament page, MPs tell Telegraph - Press Gazette

Bring back Parliament page, MPs tell Telegraph

New Daily Telegraph editor Martin Newland has angered MPs by dropping its Parliament page.

They are urging him to admit he made a mistake and restore the page his predecessor Charles Moore had reintroduced.

His move has upset Hugo Swire, the Conservative MP for East Devon, who has tabled a Commons motion.

It voices “regret” at the decision by Newland to dispense with the daily Parliament page, and urges him to reinstate “both the page and its respected correspondent Michael Kallenbach with immediate effect”.

So far, 34 MPs have added their names to the motion and more are expected to do so.

Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have joined Tories in making their “think again” plea.

Swire told Press Gazette: “This decision represents a dumbing down of Parliament. If Parliament is to engage with the people, our proceedings need to be reported.

“I think The Daily Telegraph has a duty to report the proceedings of Parliament. It is an extremely worrying development.”

Newland said in a statement: “As part of my plans to expand and realign The Daily Telegraph’s news coverage, I have decided to discontinue the Parliament page.

“This will not mean any diminution in our political reporting, which is central to the newspaper, but will give us more flexibility in where we place such stories.

“As a result of this change, I regret to say that Michael Kallenbach, who has produced the page with skill and enthusiasm over several years, will be leaving the company.”

By David Rose