Bogey to target young golfers

Bogey: will tackley subjects such as racism

A controversial golf title launches this month with a warning that it will not be afraid to attack the sport’s establishment on subjects such as racism.

Bogey is planning to target the younger "Tiger Woods" generation, which feels alienated by existing titles and is looking for an irreverent, outspoken new take on the sport, according to editor Steve Muncey.

The new 164-page quarterly is owned by independent magazine publisher The Media Cell, which is hoping to replicate the success of its skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing magazine Adrenalin.

"The profile of the golfing population has changed quite a lot; it’s no longer a middle-aged man’s game," Muncey said. "Tiger Woods has made it fashionable and cool to play golf and I don’t think magazines like Golf World and Golf Monthly really reflect the interest of the new generation of golfers. They have grown up with different magazines and we’re more in line with those," he told Press Gazette.

Muncey, former deputy editor of Golf Monthly, said the magazine would be "less formulaic" than existing titles. It will take more of a global look at the sport but refrain from featuring 35 pages of instructions and tournament reviews. Fashion will also be an important component.

"It is going to be controversial," Muncey said. "The first issue looks at how black people are treated when they go to golf clubs and they are treated pretty poorly compared with their white counterparts. They are not made to feel welcome at all."

He said he was also prepared to question the official golfing bodies. "I’m not saying we should criticise them but as with any journalism you would expect the authorities to come under scrutiny. They rarely get any critical press and we would like to bring to attention certain injustices where it is warranted."

Muncey is hoping the title will attract readers throughout Europe and Scandinavia with separate French and German editions and settledown sales of 200,000 – 50,000 in the UK. The title will have a cover price of £3.50.

Muncey is currently relying on freelance contributions but said he hoped to expand the team once the magazine was up and running.

Mike Fordham, editor of Adrenalin, is contributing editor and Mickey Gibson is creative director.


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