Blair finds time to Take a Break

Take a Break editor John Dale visited 10 Downing Street after receiving a personal invitation from Tony Blair to discuss the magazine’s competition, Tycoon Idol, set up to promote small businesses.

The winners of the competition, which included a business selling bras for the smaller breasted lady, were also invited to talk about their new ventures.

Dale claimed that with the “flagging influence of newspapers”, his magazine would become increasingly important during elections, especially after the Prime Minister appeared in his own publication.

Take A Break has run numerous campaigns from pro-childcare and the minimum wage to anti-gambling and pro-smoking bans.

Blair featured in the magazine, which boasts around 1.2 million sales of predominantly female readers who rarely vote.

Dale said: “The next election is going to be the battle for the Take a Break woman. If only a fraction more turn out, they could swing it either way, which is why both main parties made a bid for them last week by putting forward generous childcare policies.”

Dale usually forbids party leaders from his pages. He said: “We wouldn’t be partisan, we are a serious magazine, but political with a small ‘p’. We know what policies we want to see, but it doesn’t matter which party does it.”

Dale is also preparing to meet politicians representing the three top parties to present them with a Take a Break manifesto.

By Sarah Lagan

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