Blair faces Harlow Star PMQs

The Harlow Star has given its readers a chance to quiz the Prime Minister on a range of issues.

It introduced its own question time after an approach by Tony Blair’s office for the Star to carry an article or letter from the Prime Minister.

Blair was following up a visit to Harlow earlier in the year when he launched the Government’s campaign against anti-social behaviour and gave the Star ‘s chief reporter Rachel Symonds an exclusive interview.

Harlow Star series editor Kenneth Morley said: “Rather than just a general article from the Prime Minister, I suggested he responded to readers living in Harlow.”

Morley chose eight questions from 60 submitted by readers and printed the answers across a two-page spread.

The questions covered such topics as graduate debt, pensions, the expansion of Stanstead Airport, smoking, crime and the MRSA bug.

Morley added: “We are now planning to go back to the people whose questions were submitted and ask them what they thought of the Prime Minister’s answers.”

Harlow is seen as a key seat in the next election.

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