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Black women's glossy aspires to tackle stereotypes

An international glossy aimed at professional black women was launched this week.

The 132-page Aspire aims to stamp out stereotypical images associated with African and Caribbean women. It offers a mix of fashion, beauty, health, relationships and entertainment reviews.

The first issue includes a report on child soldiers in Liberia and an interview with actress Halle Berry.

Founding editor Celine Loader said she came up with the concept while working in a non-publishing role for Microsoft. She set up her company Aspire Media in Reading last year.

Loader claimed the media often presented a one-sided image of African and Caribbean women and she wanted to redress that balance: “There are two images that always come out in mainstream media – a famine or a major catastrophe in Africa or asylum seekers in the UK or Europe.

“I’m not saying they don’t exist but there is another side to women of colour, who are setting up their own business or being successful or dynamic in politics or whatever.

“I want to make this a mainstream title that can hold its own with Marie Claire or Eve but has a unique multicultural element,” she said.

Aimed at women aged 22 to 45, Aspire will be published bimonthly with a print run of 20,000 and a cover price of £2.95.

By Ruth Addicott