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Black heritage is celebrated in annual magazine

An annual magazine launched by London’s mayor to celebrate black heritage is now available throughout the UK.

Black Heritage Today magazine was launched last year in London to support Ken Livingstone’s London Celebrates Black Heritage initiative, which caters for the 45 per cent of the UK’s ethnic minorities who live in the city.

The magazine has become a platform for co-ordinating and showcasing events and initiatives organised in London and major cities as part the annual Black History Month, which starts in October.

The magazine has adopted a national outlook, covering most of the UK with features of historical interest, interviews and arts, entertainments and sports sections.

The print run has increased from 70,000 to 100,000 and is available free at the Greater London Authority, Commission for Racial Equality, town halls around the UK, selected Tesco stores, libraries, universities, colleges and schools.

Barbara Campbell, founder and publisher, said: “Black History Month is becoming much bigger and is recognised by the Home Office.

“I tested it in a few areas outside of London last year and the reaction was such that I knew I had to take it further afield and produce a sufficient amount to cater for the demand.”

The magazine is supported by government organisations such as The Arts Council of England, ALM Museum’s, The Mayor of London and the Home Office.

By Sarah Lagan