Beware the Klaus Kinski of subbing

Sub-editors ­­- quiet, unflappable characters who are calm when the pressure is on? Well, maybe not all subs.

It appears there is one very lively freelance working in London who is causing mayhem wherever he goes.

A ‘warning’email was recently sent by the  chief sub at Prima, to her counterparts on other NatMags publications. In it she explains the problems she had with this dodgy sub.

‘I just thought I’d offer you a word of warning about a freelancer I had in last week – and urge you not to book him in! During the course of the week, he became increasingly threatening towards another of our regular freelancers, acted in a confrontational manner with our editor, and generally caused uproar in the office!

‘I’ve since heard that he’s been marched from the IPC offices today, after similar behaviour while freelancing on one of their titles. Apparently, he had two girls in
tears!’Her email ends with her naming the chap in question.

Not surprisingly, the email has subsequently been read by virtually every magazine sub in the land.

On one online subs’ forum, the chap has now been dubbed ‘the Klaus Kinski of subbing”.

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