Belfast Telegraph's paid-for iPad and smartphone apps launch this month

The Belfast Telegraph will launch paid-for daily iPad and smartphone app editions later this month.

Readers wishing to subscribe to the new editions of the paper will be charged £5.99 each month for the iPad version or £2.99 per month for an iPhone or other smartphone app subscriptions.

The Telegraph is offering readers a 30-day free trial of its new services if they register and is launching its new editions with the Northern Ireland Tourist Board as its launch partner.

“By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide according to a Gartner 2010 survey,” said Sam McIlveen, Digital Publisher at Belfast Telegraph told his own paper.

“By providing our award-wining news coverage and high quality editorial across print, online and now mobile we will provide Belfast Telegraph readers with multiple platforms on which to access our content.”

“For the first time the daily edition of the Belfast Telegraph will be available anywhere in the world.”

The Belfast Telegraph first detailed its plan to launch iPad and iPhone news apps to complement its existing classified ad smartphone apps in November.

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