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Belfast Telegraph's new edition

The Belfast Telegraph is seeking to stop its circulation decline by launching a tabloid Saturday morning edition on 19 February.

The weekend paper will be up to 128 pages and promises to have more news, lifestyle, racing news and a weekend property guide.

Belfast Telegraph is one of the last broadsheet evening newspapers in
the country and has a cover price of 50p. In the last round of
six-month ABCs it was more than 10 per cent down year-onyear, partly
due to a large reduction in bulk sales.

The morning tabloid
edition has a cover price of 60p and will be available from 7am across
Northern Ireland. A later edition will be available from early
afternoon with updated news and sport.

The Belfast Telegraph currently has a Monday to Friday circulation of 94,602 and sells 79,020 on Saturdays.

Ed Curran said: “Our research has shown there is great demand to extend
the Belfast Telegraph franchise into the Saturday morning market.

have more time to catch up on news, focus on interests such as sport
and travel, enjoy lifestyle features and generally relax with a good
quality read.”