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Beckham reporter is big news in China

The Daily Mirror’s David Beckham correspondent has himself been in demand by the world’s media, writes Dominic Ponsford.

Stephen Moyes is following Real Madrid on a pre-season tour of China and has been inundated with interview requests.

He has featured in a pagetwo interview in the country’s best-selling sports weekly and has been interviewed by the main state television station.

He said: “The Daily Mirror’s been doing lots of promotion of me and all the tabloids get read by the big newspapers out here. They seem to know all about it. Papers in Holland, Denmark, Germany and Italy have also been phoning me.

“It’s very surreal; they ask me bizarre things, from what I think of Victoria to why I haven’t got a double ponytail.

“If they can’t get access to Beckham, they are clamouring for anything related to him. The idea of a Beckham correspondent is newsworthy in China. There are about 400 journalists and TV crews from all over the world here.”

Moyes will spend the rest of the summer following Real Madrid on their world tour, taking in Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand. He then expects to be based in Madrid full time.