BBC's Nick Robinson accused of 'sub-standard journalism' by Jack Straw - Press Gazette

BBC's Nick Robinson accused of 'sub-standard journalism' by Jack Straw

BBC political editor Nick Robinson has been accused of “sub-standard journalism” by Justice Minister Jack Straw for naming him as being one of six Cabinet members sympathetic to an attempted leadership challenge.

Straw said: “I was named by Mr Nick Robinson of the BBC – he sent me an apology. It was a very sub-standard piece of journalism.”

Robinson has also been mocked for his ‘Michael Fish moment’ after he dismissed rumours of the attempted coup just half-an-hour before former Cainet ministers Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt sent their email out calling on members of the Parliamentary Labour Party to settle the question of Gordon Brown’s leadership “once and for all”.

Shortly before noon on BBC2’s Daily Politics Robinson said: “You’re right not to believe a word of it.”

He then admitted on the Today programme yesterday: ‘I have egg on my face’over rejecting the coup reports.



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