BBC 'withheld crucial Mark Duggan shooting footage'

The BBC has been criticised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission for withholding ‘crucial’video footage relating to the shooting of Mark Duggan.

Last summer’s shooting is widely credited with sparking last August’s rioting in London, but according to The Times the broadcaster has more than five minutes of unseen video footage filmed by an eyewitness that could reveal new details of the incident

Extracts were broadcast last week in which, according to the BBC, Duggan is twice told by police to ‘put it down”, suggesting that he had a weapon in his hand when officers opened fire.

The Times said the video ‘also follows in detail the actions of police at the scene after Mr Duggan is pronounced dead”.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said: ‘I am extremely concerned that the BBC has been in possession of this footage for nearly nine months and that they chose not to bring it to the attention of the IPCC. This is extraordinary in light of the public appeals for information the IPCC has made. We have again asked the BBC to invite the eyewitness to contact us.

‘The IPCC does not have the authority to require the BBC to provide us with this material, although we are aware they have shown it to other interested parties. We will continue to seek to persuade them to co-operate with our investigation by showing us the unedited footage in their possession.

‘What is absolutely crucial is that we leave no stone unturned in establishing exactly what happened on the day Mr Duggan was fatally shot in August 2011 and we are sure the BBC is in agreement with that sentiment.’

A spokesperson for the BBC said: ‘The description of Mark Duggan’s shooting that was broadcast last week only came to light when the footage was revisited this month and the accompanying audio was enhanced.

‘We would be happy to provide the IPCC with the material we have broadcast following the processes in place via our legal department. However, we require a court order before releasing untransmitted footage.’

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