BBC vice series 'breached code'Complaints about a BBC daytime documentary

Complaints about a BBC daytime documentary series have been upheld
by media watchdog Ofcom which found the series to be in breach of its
broadcasting code.

Britain’s Streets of Vice was made up of four
documentaries on drugs and sex on Britain’s streets and was broadcast
during term time at 9.15am.

Ofcom received 58 complaints from
viewers who felt the content was unsuitable for the time of day.
Although the proportion of under-15s viewing was half the weekday
average for BBC1 at that time, some complainants were watching with
young children and severe weather conditions in some areas meant that
children were at home.

The BBC argued that the emphasis of its
daytime service has been refocused in recent years, making serious
material available to adult viewers during the day, particularly in the
morning. The broadcaster said it had received audience reaction
confirming that viewers welcomed this “window on the world”.

ruled that although it is important that broadcasters are able to
tackle difficult subject matter, the freedom to explore some issues may
be restricted because of scheduling considerations.

Its ruling
stated: “The programmes went beyond viewer expectation for BBC1 at this
time and were therefore inappropriately scheduled and in contravention
of the code.”

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