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BBC too quick to hire celebs

I agree with Carol Sarler’s piece, which berates newspapers for
hiring celebrity columnists instead of giving opportunities to its own
writers (Press Gazette, 2 September), but this practice extends to
other media.

Radio 1 has awarded television celebrities their own radio shows with no prior experience on the airwaves.

Kaye, Jamie Theakston and Dermot O’Leary have all landed plum jobs for
no other reason that I can work out than that they have impressed while
appearing on television.

Similarly, Jonathan Ross inherited Barry
Norman’s seat as BBC One’s film critic simply because he is a household
name. Mark Kermode, a tried and tested critic at the BBC, would have
been a far smarter choice.

Echoing David Mannion’s recent
comments, the BBC has vast resources of talent at its disposal. Why is
it so afraid to invest in it?

Henry Gray London, W14



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