BBC takes pop-up newsroom to Stoke-on-Trent in bid to be more 'audience-focused'

BBC takes pop-up newsroom to third city in bid to be more 'audience-focused'

The BBC’s pop-up newsroom has reached its third city as it looks to meet new audiences and put them “at the heart” of its journalism.

The corporation has been inviting a panel of residents in each city to help it set the news agenda for the week.

The “We Are” pop-up newsroom is in Stoke-on-Trent this week, having already visited Bradford and Middlesbrough this year.

BBC News director Fran Unsworth said the aim was to “connect to audiences in new ways”, with journalists encouraged to “speak with audiences and learn more about their expectations around news”.

In a message to staff, Unsworth said: “I personally regard this as an important initiative, as we become more audience-focused and change the way we gather news.”

Residents in Stoke joined editorial director Kamal Ahmed (pictured) and BBC Midlands Today presenter Beccy Wood to help choose which stories are covered.

Digital is said to be at the heart of the output, with national and regional BBC news outlets broadcasting from Stoke throughout the week including BBC Breakfast, BBC News Channel and a number of radio programmes.

A BBC spokesperson said: “In the [pop-up] newsroom, people can meet BBC reporters and share their stories about the city which could then be featured on air and online.”

Ahmed said: “Putting audiences at the heart of our journalism is a priority for BBC News… We’ll be asking people in the city to tell us what really matters to them and telling their stories in their own voices on the BBC.

“Some of our most popular programmes will be coming from Stoke-on-Trent during the week and we’ll be working with our colleagues in the region to ensure an ongoing commitment beyond the ‘We Are’week.

“This is not about making a difference for a week, it is about making it long term.”

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  1. How about putting some “normal” people on Question Time instead of the usual bunch of repetitive faces who we all know what they’re going to say.

    Not only would it shine a light on what real taxpayers think, it would expose the very thing which makes the BBC recoil in horror – the widespread enthusiasm for Brexit.

    It’ll never happen, though. Not unless it’s held in London where there are less off the great unwashed.

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