BBC promises sophisticated coverage of EU

The BBC has published its response to an independent report on its coverage of Europe.

corporation accepts most of its recommendations but has challenged
suggestions that the BBC should cede editorial control on the selection
of contributors to programmes on Europe.

BBC News management says
the report, led by Lord Wilson, has “contributed significantly to our
thinking about how to improve BBC News’

coverage of the European Union”.

The BBC response pledges greater sophistication in its news coverage, moving beyond the ‘Westminster prism’

in the Europe debate, and an improvement in staff training.

also pledges greater focus on and understanding of the institutions, as
well as issues within the EU, and to broaden the range of opinions
involved in debate.

A new Europe editor will be appointed, along
with an institutions reporter to report on the EU decision-making
processes in Brussels and Strasbourg.

However, the BBC disputes a
suggestion that it should cede editorial control on the selection of
contributors to campaign groups with an interest in Europe. The
management response states: “We believe it must always be the case that
the BBC has the right to choose who appears in its programmes.”

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