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BBC Magazines launch GoodFood website

BBC Magazines is rolling out, its third big website
launch, targeting its long-running magazine’s recipe-hungry readership,
as well as both younger and male audiences.

The site will be
launched on 1 November and be updated daily by its three full-time
editorial staff including web editor Vic Grimshaw, previously executive
producer on UKTV Food, and broadband and senior producer for

The magazine team and freelances will also
contribute to the site, primarily aimed at the Good Food magazine
audience and internet users who want immediate recipe information and
solutions to cooking.

The site boasts a photograph of every
finished dish and nutritional information; video clips of the stages in
the cooking process; a UK-wide postal search to enable users to locate
local food producers; a pronunciation tool; and every recipe tested in
the Good Food kitchen.

Editorial from the monthly magazine will go onto the site once the print title comes off the shelves.

Swain, editor-in-chief for New Media at BBC Magazines, said: “It’s
about reaching out to a slightly younger audience online who might not
want to buy a whole magazine of recipes. They know that the magazine
has a fantastic brand and authority, and they’d feel happier getting
recipes from us.

“The target audience will be the magazine
readers, but we want to grow that audience and it will probably go
younger and probably go a bit more male.”

Elaine Stocks, Good
Food deputy editor, said the website’s strengths would lie in its own
kitchen testing and photography: “There are more than 100 recipes in
the magazine. What we can offer on the website is that every recipe
that appears in the magazine and subsequently on the website will be
tried and tested in the kitchen.

"Other websites buy in recipes
from books or from chefs — there’s no kind of standard testing that
goes on. Some of them will be tested, some won’t.”