BBC journalist broadcasts live on the internet for the first time

BBC News has broadcast live news reports via broadband for the first time.

Helen Fawkes, a BBC correspondent in Kiev, used a laptop to transmit live, two-way interviews over broadband this week for BBC News 24 and BBC World.

It was part of a pilot plan to enable BBC journalists working in BBC bureaux worldwide to broadcast live two-way interviews direct to BBC News programmes.

BBC head of newsgathering, Fran Unsworth said: "We have been working hard on developing new technology to enable us to find cost effective ways of bringing pictures and lives in from places around the world and the cost of sending live reports over broadband is a fraction of those incurred with live satellite broadcasts.

"This technology means we can make full use of our range of international correspondents for television as well as radio and"

The kit used by Fawkes – principally a laptop, camera and software – are self-operated by the reporter: "It’s very easy to use as you don’t have to worry about having a sat dish and it means that I can do a live from anywhere there is a broadband.

"This could completely change the way correspondents work in the field as you don’t have to rely on having a satellite dish to do lives," she said.


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