Bath paper shames drivers who park outside schools

Sarah Lagan
The Bath Chronicle is naming and shaming
motorists who park dangerously outside of schools as part of its
campaign to improve the safety of youngsters crossing the roads.
Its Safety Outside Schools campaign launches as children across Bath
and north east Somerset and Wiltshire return to their classrooms this
week and is being backed by a mother whose child was injured in an
accident on her way to school.
It is also being backed by all types of organisations from the police and
the local council to national pressure groups. The campaign follows a
number of accidents around schools in Bath and coincides with Avon and
Somerset police’s own Operation Term which will see extra patrols
monitoring schools over the coming weeks.
The Chronicle’s new editor
Sam Holliday said: “We hope this campaign will raise awareness of the
whole issue of the danger of driving near schools during the school run
periods. You often hear motorists and parents glibly describing the
traffic issues surrounding the school run as being a ‘nightmare’ but
the real nightmare is that of a child being injured or killed because
of thoughtlessness or excessive speeding. This is an issue that needs
to be looked at and highlighted and I am proud that the Chronicle is
doing that with such vigour.”
As well as naming and shaming those who
flout zig-zag lines or park dangerously elsewhere Safety Outside
Schools will also push for 20mph speed limits to be imposed outside
schools while highlighting success stories of the 40 schools that have
their own travel plans and investigate the reasons school areas are so
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